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NSA Open-sourced 32 Projects by opening account on Github

NSA Github Project

The National Security Agency(NSA), a national Level intelligence agency of the United States Department of Defense, is a known agency for keeping its works a secret. However, it has now joined GitHub and has gone public.

The NSA started opening towards the public after revelation of its secret surveillance programs by Edward Snowden. It joined twitter on December of the same year. Now it has opened a GitHub account.

GitHub is a version control repository designed to share code among programmers. Till now, the NSA is sharing 32 different projects as a part of the NSA Technology Transfer Program(TTP).

Among the projects listed by the agency, many are years old for example, SELinux(Security-Enhanced Linux) has been part of the Linux kernel for years.

Projects of NSA

Below are listed some of the open source projects provided by NSA:

  1. Lemongraph
    Is a Log-based transactional graph database engine backed by a single file.
  2. Timely
    Timely is a time series database application that provides secure access to time series data. Timely is designed to work with Apache Accumulo and Grafana.
  3. SIMP
    Automates system configuration and compliance of Linux operating systems so they conform to industry best practices.

Github Page: National Security Agency

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