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Introduction to Assembly Language with Examples

Assembly programming language is a language closer to what machines can understand. Assembly language is an example of low level language. In an assembly language, each machine language instruction is assigned a code. So, instead of having to remember a string of 0’s and 1’s, the programmer would only need to remember short codes like ADD, SUB, DIV, JMP, MOV, HALT, GO called mnemonics.


Assembly language program to count the number of 1’s in a byte stored in memory location 2000H

Write an assembly language program to count the number of 1’s in a byte stored in memory location 2000H.

Step 1: Point to memory location 2000H

Step 2: Load register A (Accumulator) with the content of memory location

Step 3: Set a counter to loop through each bits of number, Say C

Step 4: Set a counter to store the number of one’s (1’s) in the byte, Say B

Step 5: Rotate the content of accumulator to left through carry

Step 6: If no carry found from Step 5 then jump to Step 8

Step 7: Else increase the counter B by one (if carry found)

Step 8: Decrease counter C by one

Step 9: Until the value at counter C is 0 repeat from Step 5

Step 10: Terminate the program.


How to save data to Google Spreadsheet from Unity 3D (No SDK – No Plugins)

Learn how to save data to Google Spreadsheet from Unity 3D to save user and game data without using any plugin or SDK. With help of this tutorial you can create survey apps, newsletter subscription and many other ideas on your Unity App without having to worry for databases. Store all the information on Google Sheet from Unity.


Creating Simple Login Form Template using Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap provides an easy and fastest way to create different types of form using its already defined CSS classes like form-group and form-control. We can use twitter bootstrap forms as per our need and create different types and styles of forms. Bootstrap supports inline form, horizontal form and vertical form and with this we can create signup and Login form template using Bootstrap.

In this section of our Bootstrap Tutorials we will discuss about designing and creating simple login page template using bootstrap forms. If you are already familiar with html and bootstrap then you can directly understand the design else start learning html and bootstrap basics. You can go through the explanation of the code or simply download the source code and use it in your web project. 


Bisection Method – Algorithm, Flowchart and Code in C

Bisection Method Illustration

Bisection Method Illustration

The bisection method is one of the simplest and most reliable of iterative methods for the solution of nonlinear equations. This method, also known as binary chopping or half-interval method, relies on the fact that if f(x) is real and continuous in the interval a < x < b, and f(a) and f(b) are of opposite signs, that is,

f(a)*f(b) < 0

then there is at least one real root in the interval between a and b.


How to change upload limit of WordPress hosted on Azure VM

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to change upload limit of WordPress hosted on Azure VM (Virtual Machine). Recently, after hosting a WordPress website on Azure Virtual Machine (Linux), I was trying to upload media and files to the WordPress site. But due to default configuration there was a maximum upload limit of 2MB.

As the WordPress was hosted on Azure Virtual Machine, I couldn’t find the FTP access for the site, the one I used to connect to Virtual Machine through FTP didn’t have WordPress folder in it.